3D Art Intern entry

3D Art Intern entry

by Kurokori on 2 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, these are what I consider my best works as a 3D artist. I'm currently studying at CGMA online.

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Leather hoodie made for games, rendered in Unreal engine 4 and textured in Substance Painter. I created this as practice to see how much I could push a single asset and to better understand folds.

I chose the african elephant as a part of my studies, here I learned the fundamentals of animal anatomy, starting with the skeleton all the way to the skin. Part of CGMA 10 week course.

This is a creature done from scratch, started at CGMA course with Ben Erdt as teacher. I liked it so much I pushed it as far as I could even after the course ended and even rendered it in Unreal Engine 4.

This was the main sculpting process, I had used a base mesh I created months before as the concentrarion was to learn the most for hard surface.

Before retopologizing it was necessary to figure out wether the armor worked or not, Ben taught how to create a simple rig for this and how to fix errors

These were the errors I made and how to fix them if it was to be rigged for a game

 Afterwards everything was cleaned and retopolgized in Maya. First using the SubD method, and then changed what was necessary for the Engine. Here's an example.

In the end I textured in Substance Painter, and went Back and forth between that and UE4 and got this result.

Thank you for viewing and Hope you enjoyed my process. This was made with a concept done from Ben Erdt Himself which I will attach below.

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