VFX COMPOSITING REEL (end of Master's project)

VFX COMPOSITING REEL (end of Master's project)

Luis G-Dosal Manso
by Muchocaviar on 2 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello everyone, im glad to show you my favourite works of the master that i've been studying the last 6 months in Animum creative school.

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I'm Luis and this short video is the result of a lot of endless nights fighting with the nodes of nuke during the last 6 months (so far 2021 has been a lot of coffee and a few hours of sleep!). 

This Nuke compositing reel is my end Master's project in Animum creativity school (Spain). 

Im glad to share with you my work and i hope you enjoy it :) 



00:03 Artist "Manfred Werner"

00:25 Artist "Mark Kolobaev"

00:30 Film "Arrival"

00:37 Film "Fright Night"

01:04 Harrods by "Mainframe"

Music - Axel Thesleff Bad Karma


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