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Nemeria 9
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Nemeria 9

A planet full off undiscovered mysteries...and also dangers.

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Update - 11 May 2021

I like the idea of an contaminated/ toxic planet, which isn't meant for human. A planet full of danger, full of vegetation which adapted to this unhealthy environment. Maybe adding fragments of a failed settlement or long forgotton ruins?

Still keeping in mind my previous references for vegetation and colors. Some purple/ pink atmosphere colors might suit the brownish/ orange/ yellow overall theme.

First terrain created with an displacement height map created in Blender. I added some water/ acid lakes into it using the water plugin (water body actor). Pouring rain doesn't always give life on this planet.

First blockouts for vegetation. Thinking about which plants could survive on this planet. Mushrooms and cacti seem to easily adapt to their environment so they could probably survive harsh conditions like that.

Also thought about adding some kind of coral bushes which might be fossilized within the past thousands of years.

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Update - 1 May 2021

Hey everyone.
I decided to join the challenge to see what I can archive in only two weeks of work. I also want to create a full environment in Unreal and setting up materials. I never did foliaghe before, so this will also be a new learning for me. My main goal is to stick to a strict deadline and calling a project "done" at the end of this challenge.

All references and screenshots.

As you can see I would like to create a scene that is highly inspired by No Man's Sky. In preparation for this challenge I played it again an took some screenshots from an interesting planet. I focused on vegetation and compositon.

I will upload a first blockout soon and a first iteration on some plant. Stay tuned!