Soviet WW2 Bunker

Soviet WW2 Bunker

Daniel García Martínez
by danielgarciam3d on 1 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Academic project of a First Person game environment. I designed a Soviet WW2 inspired bunker from the ground up and built it in Unreal Engine 4. All aspects of the project were done by myself with the sole exception of blueprint coding. The environment is completely playable and was made over the span of 10 weeks.

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I compiled references from various inactive Soviet bunkers as well as many Soviet era items. I tried quite hard to create a consistent color scheme that worked well with the theme. Here are some examples:


I designed the basic layout and game flow on Photoshop and created the blockout using BSP brushes in UE4.

To build many varied environments inside the bunker I had to create a large amount of props. I produced nearly 70 props over the span of 3 weeks making the grand total over 100 props including modular architectural structures.

I created 11 tileable materials as well to give each space its own unique atmosphere.

TM-3-12 Railway Gun

As an exercise in hard surface modelling and a hero prop for my environment I created a TM-3-12 Railway Gun. The piece was quite complex and had to be properly proportioned so it worked in an FPS POV. However, it also had to be quite optimized as I had a limitation of 3 material IDs for the whole 35m long weapon.

In order to achieve this I made extensive use of symmetry and repetition in my textures and tried to be as optimal as possible while packing the cannon's UVs.

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