WANWAN, Agile Tiger

WANWAN, Agile Tiger

Elisabet Gutierrez
by elisgutierrez on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my cartoon character for animation that I did during the third module of 3D Master at Animum Creativity Advanced School. My work is based on the amazing concept: Wanwan for Mobile Legends by Jack Wang (Artstation). *For this fan art I changed her heel sandals for a more comfortable footwear ;)*

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"To me, fun is all that matters!"

T-Pose model and all the details:

Facial Blendshapes:

Textures represented Left to Right: Metalness / Normal / Roughness / (Specular for the first UDIM) / Basecolor:

Detail of XGen and Interactive Grooming process:

Modeled in Zbrush

Hardsurface and retopology with Maya

Skin textured with Mari and Substance Painter for the rest

Xgen and interactive grooming with Maya

Rendered with Arnold

After my studies I improved the following points:

- Add XGen hair and Interactive Grooming

- Redefine the whole textures

- Improve the lighting

- The final pose render with environment, smoke simulation and particles

Other pose render to show better clothes and props:

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