Rookie entry for Internship

Rookie entry for Internship

Sophie Nippert
by sophielouiseni on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello, I am Sophie Nippert, a 3rd year student at the ESMA Montpellier School in France currently looking for an internship. I am specialized in lighting, environment lookdev and a bit of sculpting.

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Hello! I'm a third-year student -soon to be 4- at the ESMA Montpellier school  in France. I've been studying 3D and animation for the past 3 years and I'm now getting specialized in lighting, lookdev and sculpting. I have mainly been working on Maya with Renderman, and Mudbox and Zbrush for the sculpt. I have recently discovered Substance painter and quite enjoyed it. I'm very open to learning new softwares.

I hope you will like my projects!

The first project is the digital self portrait; the goal was to make our portrait as close as possible from real life, but we could also have some fun with it on one picture. This is my cyberpunk version of myself. I really liked playing with lighting.

This one is closer to reality with a simple lighting.

Another fun take.

Next project is; the facade. The goal of this one was to imagine a construction, draw it as a concept, model it, texture it (and discover Mari), light it and render it. I chose an Alsatian house mixed along with princess vibes. Very out of my comfort zone but I still really liked it ! 

The insect project was also very fun to do. We had to imagine the insect of our choice (with reference of one already existing), and create everything from scratch. We also rigged them a little. I chose a medium spider with lots of glowing mushrooms and water drops to create a very "witchy" vibe. I named her Elise and she's a brown widow !

The fur ball was the quickest but not so easier project. We had to create a stylized animal from scratch, model it and do the fur on Xgen. I chose a snow leopard that acts like a spoiled kitty.

A small ground test on Substance Designer after seeing many youtube tutorials. Quite rewarding ! 

And at last; first year projects. There are lots of mistakes but I still like those. I did everything ; from the concept to the compositing.

Thank you for looking at my entry ! I hope you liked it. If any information might be missing, feel free to contact me. 

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