Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Nedas 'OatlyToad' Pratusis
by OatlyToad on 30 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

One skill I want to work on is 3D. This is an environment I made after 1 month of self-teaching Blender (3D modeling) - everything in this scene was modeled and textured by me in Blender.

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This was my first attempt at animating in Blender. I really wanted to grasp a sense of flying through the scene and feeling the oceanic breeze so I played around with moving the background (clouds) and windmills. Additionally, you will notice the glistening reflections of the ocean. 

I then proceeded to select 3 keyframes from my scene and render them in further detail using 2D to really bring out the depth and atmosphere of the scene.

Below are a few more scenes from my environment, featuring a night time scene.
All of the assets in the scene were modeled and textured by me in Blender. Many of the assets I had to bake from 3D to 2D to improve the performance of my scene. This would be especially beneficial if my scene were to be incorporated into a game.

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