Material Art Collection

Material Art Collection

Alfie Summers
by alfiesummers on 29 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A collection of the materials I've finished and uploaded to my portfolio over the past year. All have been made within Substance Designer and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag unless specified!

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Carved Ritual Stone

Made for fun and to practice pattern creation within Substance Designer.

Flagstone Tiles

A material I worked on with help from Joshua Lynch during our mentorship. It was a really rewarding experience working with him, and I learned a lot during it! The base tiles were made using Autodesk Maya, and everything else in Designer.

Concrete Material Study

A small study I did of a scanned material from Megascans. It was really useful in understanding photorealism more, and developing cleaner and consistent workflows!

Cracked Arid Soil

Created with the use of Megascans. It was my first time using a scanned foliage atlas, and it's a far better workflow not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to foliage. Something to explore more in the future!

Fan Art - Belly of the Beast

A personal project done over last summer. Fan art of the "Belly of the Beast" area from Path of Exile. I love the game a lot and the area's always stood out to me, so it was a ton of fun to recreate.

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