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Internship entry

Internship entry

Anvith venkat vonna
by avvartz on 1 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I hard-surfaced modelled on Blender 3D and textured and rendered it with Blender Cycles

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Hell Portal final + character design

I had to design a layout style frame for my storyboarding class and this is the final approved one. I also had to create a character for my storyboarding which I have placed in my style frame.

Character design with an environment layout design.

Rock Gollum

I sculpted the rock Gollum in Zbrush and then rigged it on Blender and rendered it out. I added texture and colour to it in Photoshop

I sculpted the face on Zbrush taking references from bats

I hard surface modelled the Halo Pelican on Blender 3D and textured and rendered it on Blener cycles

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