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MaryBeth Morgan

MaryBeth Morgan
by maryliz99 on 21 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome, my name is MaryBeth Morgan! This is my portfolio I hope that you Enjoy!

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Hey there!

My name is MaryBeth Morgan, welcome to my page! I am a current student at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Motion Media Design with a minor in Photography.  I thoroughly enjoy learning new ways I can bring my vision into motion reality. Below you will see a variety of my most recent work, mainly featuring cel and 2D motion, along with its creative process. Hope you enjoy it!

Clif Bar

The concept for this sequence focuses on the consumer's journey. It will begin with the consumer traveling to wherever they are heading, work, exercise, or some physically active activity. Match cuts will be created between the different activities showcasing that it is made for anyone. The color palette in this sequence consists of bright and natural colors, expressing that this is an all-natural bar that will boost your energy so they can finish the day!  I used illustrator to create a layered image and After Effects to create the animatic.  


When creating this piece I started by conducting a survey on both Instagram and Facebook asking a wide range of viewers their knowledge on Clif Bars and their personal opinion about them. With this information, I then calculated what the target audience for this ad would be and what style would best fit the 22-45 age range. Below you will see this expressed in a graph, general research collected on Clif Bar, and ad campaigns the company is currently running.

• ClifBar is an energy bar meant for not only athletes but families as well.

• They wanted to make a bar that tasted good and was good for the planet. Ingredients, energy, packaging, and transportation are all sustainable reassesses.

• 77% of all bars include organic plant-based materials

• The company insists on staying a family-owned and oriented business so they can focus on maintaining their 100% green-powered facilities and keeping 83% of all waste out of landfills.

• With their bars the majority of their target audience is 22-45

Design Process

Below you will see the development of this concept through a mood board expressing the design that I was inspired for this concept, and the storyboard mapping out motion.


This is a Fun quirky piece that showcases the process of frying an egg.  From getting the egg out of the fridge, frying it, to serving it. This sequence was designed to mimic a B-roll video style. The mainframes are illustrations with cel animated transitions and movement. To create this piece, I used Illustrator for the mainframes, Photoshop for the cel animations and effects, touchups in After Effects, and music cut in Audition.

Design Process

Below you will see the development of this concept through the storyboard mapping out motion, and the initial style frames.  

Kill Order Title Sequence

This project features a camera push through an abandoned tree with pigment powder thrown on it. Using dark color overlays with a warm undertone henting at the solar flares taking place in this book. Through the progression of the piece, you will see more yellow and red representing the earth catching on fire. The music choice directly reflects the intense anticipation one might feel in this situation.

To create this piece, I used a Canon Rebel T7i to capture the live video footage where I threw yellow, red, and orange pigment powder onto an abandoned tree. Premiere Pro was used to cut and color the footage, and After Effects to animate the type and add a 3d light to create the dramatic cinematic feel.  


For this project, I began with researching the book Kill Order, the fourth book of The Maze Runner series, with the end goal to create a title sequence for the movie. I started this research by first learning what the book was about. It takes place fifteen years prior to the first book before Wickes was formed, before Glade was built, and even before Thomas (the main character) entered the maze. Sun flares hit the earth, killing most of the population while there is also a virus spreading that fills humans with murderous rage. Mark and Trina survive and are convinced there is a way to save others who are left too.

Design Process

Below you see the development of this concept and the trial and error of capturing powder pigment with a camera.

This video helps put in perspective how this title sequence was created. Showing the powder pigment thrown on the old tree that has turned into driftwood at Tybee Beach. You will also see some of the crazy positions I had to do in order to capture these shots with my camera. This was all done handheld while climbing in and around the tree. Hope you enjoy!

The History of Cheerwine

This piece progressive tells you the history behind Cheerwine and the nostalgia that it holds. Keeping the style inspiration close to the classic Cheerwine roots with a modern touch. As the story progresses you will see more and more of the bottle revealed. Showing that history makes Cheerwine what it is. In the final frame, you will see the logo animated to look as if there is bubbly Cheerwine behind it with their catchy Slogan,

"Betcha can't not smile". 

To create this piece mainly using Illustrator for the main assets and logo creation, After Effects to animate and add extra visuals, and the audio was created by Ronnie Jack, a voice actor on Fiverr.


The history starts in Salisbury North Carolina, with Lewis D. Peeler being the founder in 1917Started with the Cola Bottling Co. Cheerwine was made by accidentally adding too much of the cherry flavoring to cola. Which would later become a perfected cherry soda recipe. By 1924 Cheerwine outsold Mint Cola, the soda company changed from Mint Cola Bottling Co. to Cheerwine Bottling Co. This is the oldest family-owned soft drink company. The name Cheerwine comes from the burgundy coloring and the cheerful consumers. This was the first bottled cherry soda to hit the market and was carbonated more than your average sodas. Received the nickname of the “Legend since 1917” which is now printed on all bottles. This drink was only accessible to North Carolinians till the 90s when it became available to South Carolina and is now sold anywhere from West Virginia to Florida.

Places you might see Cheerwine 

NC State Fair, Cheerwine Festival, Cookout, and Select stores in the Southeast. 

Cheerwine Slogans

"Cheerwine uniquely southern" and "Cheerwine, betcha can't not smile" 

Design Process  

Below you will see the development of this concept through a mood board expressing the design that inspired me for this concept while still referencing the traditional Cheerwine style, my initial color tests, and the development of assets. 

Original Vs. Recreated Newspaper

For this part of the process, I took direct inspiration from the articles that were published in the newspapers when Cheerwine was first released. In the newspaper I created, I also used clips from the articles that covered Cheerwine and events that took place during the same time.

Faithful Friends

Here I created a piece for the non-profit organization Faithful Friends, which is a no-kill animal shelter that is in my hometown, Salusbury Nc. I wanted to portray the loving, welcoming environment that they create for the animals, volunteers, and people who adopt. This piece is targeted at people who are stuck at home alone due to the pandemic, which is represented with a dark background. When talking about faithful friends and adopting an animal the tone lightens suggesting that it will bring happiness. To create this piece, I use a mix of Illustrator for the logo and mainframes and Photoshop for the cel animations and effects, Audition to edit the audio recording, and After Effects for the text animation and construction of the piece its self.  


Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) is a safe place for abused and abandoned dogs and cats, providing health care, spaying/neutering, protection, warmth, care, and love while they await adoption. FFAS was born to provide a better way to care for the animals in the community. They offer a 10.75-acre site and an environment-friendly building. The dogs have an outside fenced-in area and the cats have an outside screened-in porch. This is the first no-kill shelter in rowan county. 

Being a non-profit organization the sanctuary depends on volunteers for day-to-day maintenance and operations. Fundraising events, public awareness activities, and donations are ways people can help if they are unable to adopt. 

Design Process

Below you will see the development of this concept through text play, a mood board expressing the design that I was inspired for this concept, the storyboard mapping out motion, and lastly the initial style frames.  

Thank You!

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