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My journey in ArchViz

My journey in ArchViz

Gabor Szente
by GaborSzente on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Architectural Visualisations throughout '21

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Hello there, welcome to my ArchViz entry.

In this entry, I will present to you all my visualization work, throughout this year.

I would like to show you the improvement of the skills I learnt throughout this tough period.
I have been also self-teaching myself for a long time now and found it difficult to always find the right motivation to create something and to push myself to the limits, while I was working in hospitality.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to invest a bit in myself, to have that final push for my confidence and make a step forward in my life, and finally become a 3D Artist not just as some sort of a hobbyist, but also as a professional, whos work is its passion, therefore I joined a short course teaching Interior Design using 3ds Max Corona Renderer.

I always wanted to redesign my flat back in Budapest.
Therefore I decided to make the first steps to recreate it to my own taste.
I will start the presentation with my favourite scene I have created in the past 5 months, which used to be my bedroom. At some point in the near future, I would love to move back from London to Budapest and have some sort of a home office to work in.

10th April- 17th April

The sofa, computer set, books, and smaller props are downloaded contents, while the pillow and the bookshelf were done by me.

I have given a try to create pillows in Marvelous designer, I went through a couple of beginner tutorials just to have an idea of how the software works. I have to say I love the simplicity and the idea of it!

18th January - 7th March

These are the 2 projects that I did during the course, one interior and one exterior. 
All students had to pick their own reference pictures and trying to recreate what was on it.

I had to model out the scene from scratch using camera match in 3ds Max.
As soon as the base was done, we had to add all the furniture and smaller props.

For the sofa, oven, rugs, and textiles I used downloaded assets, and for the smaller props quixel megascans, while the rest of the object was modeled and textures were done by myself.

In the exterior scene, I used floor generator for the bricks and created a randomized texture in Corona.
For the environment I used evermotion package trees, to keep the polygons low, I was using Corona's scatter object, loaded in from a proxy file I created. 

Reference Picture:

Reference Picture:

10th March - 24th March

After finishing the course I have decided to practice more with more reference pictures.
I modeled the base myself, again from matching the camera to the reference picture's perspective.
Then I added the furniture and props, which are downloaded assets.
After I added the lighting, while the materials were overwritten, to have a clearer view, how the environment reacts.
As soon as I was happy with the HDRI light, slowly I started creating my own materials for the scene.

Reference Picture:

24th March - 1st April

The last reference I picked from Archdaily.
I followed the same process as in the previous projects.

During this project, I felt way more confident with the process and building up the scene.

The leather sofa, and armchairs, bed, and standing lamps are downloaded assets, while the rest was modeled and textured in 3ds max by myself.

Reference Picture:

1st April - 8th April

Years ago I created a record play from scratch in Cinema 4d, and I wanted to create a scene in Corona for the object, therefore I exported the file into 3ds Max, just to experiment with the render engine.
I wanted to try Corona's Lightmix setup, so I created a studio environment for the turntable.

But then, if I have this turntable, why not put it in a cosy home?

I born in Budapest, Hungary, I grew up in the suburban district of the capital city, in a block of flats. My mum still lives there, and she has been refurbishing the flat from time to time.
And of course, she has been always asking me what and where to use and put.

I decided to create a not really budget-friendly, but cosy and minimalist home, using some Scandinavian style references.

The sofa, armchairs, books, speakers basket, pillows, rug and plants are downloaded models, the rest of the models and textures were created by me.

I started out with the living room. :)

19th April - 24th April

The third room is finally the actual bedroom in the flat.
Throughout this project, I realized how easy it is to work with color palettes and setting up some sort of a mood board, which I have never done before in my previous projects.

The bed and props are downloaded objects from 3dsky and quixel megascans, and the textures, drawers, wardrobe are my own models.

Since we spend most of the time in this room during the night I thought of giving moody lighting to it, so I decided setting up Corona's lightmix.
Another function that I found super easy to use to have better control over the lights and of course over the whole mood of the desired scene.

11th May - 17th May

The last bit of the flat I wanted to recreate was the kitchen. 
I got really comfortable and confident using Corona and I enjoyed working on the flat a lot.

I used the same methods of building up the scenes, using one color palette to create the textures.

For the kitchen props, I used downloaded objects. The base of it, the cabinet, the counter, and the textures and reused some of my assets I have used already in the previous scene which was created by me.

I realized building up my own material library made the texturing part of the projects super quick and easy.

And finally, my last project I finished recently was this Japanese Tea House ( Chashitsu), inspired by a Samurai book I read recently. I have been always interested in Japanese history and culture, and I really liked the idea of a tea ceremony in a quiet environment, surrounded by nature.

I modeled out the house following reference pictures, same with the interior part.
For the environment, I used Evermotion tree package, scattered with Corona.
The rest are quixel megascans.

For lighting, I downloaded an HDRI map from hdri haven, which I rigged with corona sun, so the texture was able to rotate alongside the sun object.
 After I set up  Corona Lightmix to have control over the lights for the night scene.
For the foggy environment, I simply created a volume material based on a noise map.

And here are the final renders. 

Hoped you enjoyed my entry! 
Thanks for scrolling until the end of it.

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