Quand les Poules Auront des Dents

Quand les Poules Auront des Dents

"Quand les Poules auront des Dents" is a short movie made by Adrien CHAUVET, Raphaël BANDET, Julien GOHARD, Eugenia MAGGI, Milena MOURIES, Eléonore ROLEWSKI, Franck VALERO at Esma Montpellier during the graduation year 2019/2020.

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The short movie is about a hen who after a chemical experience takes over humanity. 
We delivered the theme of fast food overconsumption's collateral damages in a comic and exagerated way to shake audience's awareness about this subject. 

Some funny images we stored during the production

Here it is our team, we know, we're beautiful. 

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