The Emerald Green Thumb

The Emerald Green Thumb

Susan Leong Yen Ling
by susanlyl99 on 28 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Final Year Project : To design a sustainable urban farming educational center

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To change the perspectives of modern society and culture towards sustainable urban farming through learning, social communication and awareness of issues in Malaysia. The recent global lockdown causes Malaysia to have difficulty and severe slowdown in international trading and food supply chains and this may result in food shortage if consumers are not aware of their daily food consumption. Apart from that, local agriculture food value chains are under pressure and the unemployment rate increased by 17.1%. Global warming also continues to worsen due to the increasing emission of C02 from food provision. Therefore, this design project serves as a platform for the organization to achieve its goal by creating an educational centre that allows the public to get an experience using the 5 basic human senses. 

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