Last Groove - Short Film

Last Groove - Short Film

Philippe Nurdin
by philippenurdin on 29 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Esma graduation short film directed by : Robin Leloup, Théo Albertini, Clément Guigou, Bruno Roux Dit Buisson, Armand Rabuel, Corentin Defrance, Philippe Nurdin

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In 3076, an alien civilization has discovered the voyager record and the music that it contains.

Deeply in love with that new sounds, they decided to come on earth to meet the ones that they now consider as gods.

Here are some shots from the movie :

Movie Poster

Some breakdowns now, from different sequences of the movie :

Here are our characters

Moog, great alien priest :

Korg, religious apprentice :

Jacob, last man on earth :

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