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Warrior Monk

Warrior Monk

Emilia Pitkänen
by seekerseas on 27 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Game ready character created during Think Tank Online mentorship term. Really proud of the final outcome, was super fun project to work and hope you all like it!

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My rendition of the monk class from the MMO game Skyforge. I chose this character because of the interesting silhouette and material variety. A really fun project to work on and I learned so much while working on it.

 Massive thanks to Georgian Avasilcutei for mentoring me.

The details of the characters were quite fun to do, they're all quite different. Like the necklace with all the different pieces.

I love the variety between the colors, they're so bright, eye-catching. 

I personally really like doing retopo, it's like a puzzle you have to solve. Final count with the character and assets was 124k tris, hair alone was 22k tris.

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