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Misty Mountains
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Misty Mountains

The captain looked out of the window and saw a colorful landscape swallowed by the mist. However there was one problem. The spaceship had no place to land. The terrain of mountains wasn't fit and nobody knew what lies below the fog.

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Update - 4 May 2021

Today I created some terrain using Landmass plugin in Unreal 4.26. It gives a lot of options and helps me to create hills using non-destructive workflow. Here is a link to tutorial I followed.

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Update - 26 Apr 2021

Welcome to my post! This is the first of my updates. My idea is to create an environment with mountains surrounded by mist. The mountains will be covered with vegetation in autumn colors. The inspiration for this environment comes largely from the Karst Mountains in Yangshuo, China. 

Above you can see the concept I created for this environment and below is a moodboard containing inspiration resources. The next step is a 3D blockout!