Concept Art: Personal Projects

Concept Art: Personal Projects

Hayley Eden
by paiveus on 17 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Here are two personal projects I've worked on since the start of 2021, to expand on my IP and further develop my skills. The Marked: game concepts for character customisation, weapons, and attack/ability considerations. The Oracle: alternative 1970's aesthetics, props, and car concepts.

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The Marked

The Marked is a personal IP. It is set in an expansive world of magick, Titans, and ancient lore. The people of this land are split into three: the Settlers, living in sprawling, city-like settlements; the Clansfolk, living in communities much like small towns; and the Nomads, wandering freely and settling nowhere for too long. I drew inspiration from the Middle Ages, focussing largely on the Viking Age, with some influences from Medieval Western Europe.

This year my aim was to create game concepts of Finley, head of a small, well-established community that have settled close to the edge of a deep wood, who use the bear as an emblem. I wanted to focus on character customisation, with armour sets and weapons, taking into consideration the function of each piece, and how the player can make use of her skills.

The Oracle

My second personal project this year was inspired by the work of fashion designer Ossie Clark, as I wanted to focus on 1970's aesthetics. From this I created a character - The Oracle. This also led me to concept her car, as I love the car aesthetics from this period, and figured she needed a cool and imposing ride. It was to also challenge myself to concept something I had not concepted much of before. Additionally, I tested my skills and devoted a chunk of time to learning Blender, where I created a 3D model of the car, which you can view on my ArtStation portfolio.

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