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Complex Hard Surface Machines- A Portfolio

Complex Hard Surface Machines- A Portfolio

Jesse Serrano
by blueblankey on 26 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My personal 3d works as a modeling enthusiast

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Hello, I'm a self taught 3d modeler and aspiring game developer.

I've been modeling as a hobby to relieve stress, and ever since the Unreal engine became available I've wanted to incorporate these models into a videogame. It's only just recently that I feel I've gained enough skill to do so; this is just the beginning.

My goal as of now is to create a functional prototype to prove the models can be used in an entertaining way, and use the momentum to assemble a team and iterate it to a higher standard.

March of robots 2021: models created and rendered in a single day each, original designs

Participation was a catalyst for learning how to texture fast and efficiently, to improve current and future game assets

Additional render exercises as concept art
Current works in progress

Thank you for viewing, I hope to improve in both artistic and technical ability as a full time developer rather than a part time hobbyist in the near future.

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