Zulú Childhood

Zulú Childhood

Gaizka Coteron Cainzos
by GaizkaCoteron on 31 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Cartoon character set based in the art of Terence Maluleke. For the moment I freeze the proyect but I'm going to study 3D animation and I don't discart use these models for create a little animation tests in the future. I’m looking for a rigger who want to collaborate in this proyect. So don’t be shy and contact me.

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"Known to his friends and family as Khal, this smiling and cheerful boy is used to looking on the brighter side of things. He loves to eat and whenever he can, he takes the opportunity to dig into some of the appetizing fruits around him. Although he is one of the most honest people that can exist, his innocence leads him to commit the occasional reckless act that will endanger the whole group."

"When Khal wears the mask, he is embraced by an unknown force. His skin begins to radiate light blinding everyone present. Many think of it as some kind of sorcery or dark magic. Others attribute it to a sign of seeing the chosen one of whom the prophecy speaks. What is not in doubt is that wearing this mask grants great powers capable of great feats but also of great atrocities. People fear that this powerful weapon could end up in the hands of some infamous person. Some fear that Khal could become the one who ends up subduing them all."

"Example of harmony between two creatures. Hylo and Khal have spent hours and hours playing around the village. As a good partner, the friendly warthog has always been with Khal in good times but also in the most difficult ones. Now, for the great adventure, this faithful animal will demonstrate that he is ready to do anything to keep his friend safe".

"Nubia's wingspan, coupled with the reach of the long wooden staffs she carries as a weapon, allows this fabulous girl to strike fast and accurate blows at long range. The confidence and intelligence with which she reads every situation and plans every strategy will save the group from more than one trouble."

"Half human, half animal, Enam lives alone in the depths of the savannah, where he manages with great skill. He doesn't know the language of his new mates but he knows how to interpret their emotions. Communicating only through gestures, this mysterious and friendly character will fit with the group perfectly from the beginning."

"Despite her youth and stature, Kara Kamari is the bravest girl in the group. The agility and speed of her blows will make her unstoppable against larger enemies. Her impulsive and electric character will play a trick or two on her, but will also help to intimidate her opponents. Having been able to overcome a somewhat troubled past, she will be capable of giving very good advice and will allow her to fill herself with strength to carry the group on her back in the most critical moments".

Here you have a link to Terence's concept-art, thanks for your time!

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