FX Reel 2021 - Remy Vu

FX Reel 2021 - Remy Vu

Remy Vu
by remyvu on 23 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello the Rookies! ⁓ After one year practicing with Houdini at ArtFX (4th year), I'm glad to share you my FX entry. It mostly contains my personal project and I hope you will like it!

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Charizard ⁓

- FX pyro (tail and breathing/spitting), RBD ground cracks, shockwave, layout, compositing

Animation with sound

Awaken ⁓

Animation with sound

Qianlima 천리마 ⁓

Animation with sound

Vision of the Bad Omen ⁓

Premonition ⁓

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