Dyson TV Ident

Dyson TV Ident

Lim Zhi Han
by zhihan on 19 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my first 3D motion graphic. During that time, we were assigned to create a 15 second 3D motion graphic with any topic we choose.The topic that I choose is branding, Dyson.The initial thoughts was I wanted to create colourful elements in my motion graphic.

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This is my digital storyboard. The story goes as the objects are chilling, and suddenly they were gathered to create a big explosion, a mess. Then the ribbons came to pick them up and in a very short time, they sucked all the objects. This is to promote how powerful their products are.

The Making of

Some BTS scenes while doing this project.

The Final

Compositions from the project.

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