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Great Island's characters and world

Great Island's characters and world

Carolina Sophia Contreras Machuca
by Astralina on 25 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is a project I'm currently working on and it's about a book I'm writing that happens in a fictional world. I'm developing characters and parts of the world so I can maybe make it a graphic novel one day. Hope you like it!

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Hi! My name is Carolina and these are some of my sketches for a book project. Honestly, I'm still hesitating between making it a graphic novel or just an illustrated book, but these are my characters and parts of the world. Hope you enjoy it!

First off, we have the miners. They live in the desert and have very little resources left. Tallest ones are usually picked as water-bringers and they have to climb the whole mountain to get parts of a glacier. This is because all the mining deserted the land in such a way that they had to search for water further up. Tiniest ones in the lineup are mineral seeking people, because they can get in between tight spaces and discover potential places to mine. The rest are day or night time miners or workers of the foundry. 

As I said, they live in the desert, but they've built cave-homes in the side of the cliff they mine. They live in pairs, with very little space and few amenities.

Next we have one of the "bad guys" of the story. He's the villain's right hand man, and they live in a very wealthy city. He's not a bad man, but he's in love with the villain and interprets her as if she was a damsel in distress who he can save and help. So, he does terrible things for her. 

The guy is the general of the dragon rider force of the country, so I wanted to give him some attributes that talked about that, such as a helmet for high altitude or an armour made with the scales of the dragons. As a military man, he also had to have something to fight with during battle.

I took my time developing the pose and mood of the character through his clothes and expression, and finally arrived at this:

Lastly, I wanted to work on the queen who Vann serves, but I kind of run out of time and this is what I could manage to present. This woman is said to have an ugly scarred face, which is the reason they used to cover her face with a veil during her times as the king's concubine. Now that she's killed the king and taken the throne for herself she wears a mask as a part of who she is, not because she wants to hide herself beneath it's colors, but because she wants to be seen in every fase of what she can be. Her nudity is a provocation to the old rules of the Dragon Region, too shy and religious to let women express their sexuality, and because of it, she's equally intimidated and allured a number of very loyal followers, including Vann. 

This story means the world to me and I wish I could show you more of it! Sadly, this is all I could manage to do for this entry, but I'll be definetly participating again with a huge entry with more of this world's characters and landscapes next year :D

Thank you for watching!

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