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Convertible Double Decker Restaurant Bus.

Convertible Double Decker Restaurant Bus.

Rushabh Thakkar
by rushabhthakkar910 on 18 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A Double Decker Bus has been Converted into a Restaurant. The Lower deck is the Kitchen. And Upper deck is the Dining Space. This Bus can be converted into both Open Roof and Closed Roof Bus. When the Roof is Closed, it generates Alternative Renewable Energy i.e Solar Energy. More Details with the Images...

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" This Design has won 2nd Position in Autodesk's Global Community Games 2020-AutoCAD Products. "


"Double Decker Bus Converted into a Moving Restaurant". AND It uses Renewable Energy as a Fuel too... This Bus can be converted to both Open and Closed Roof Bus. In the Evening it is a Open Bus. These Solar Panels move on the side of the Bus. And in the Morning, it can be converted to an Closed Roof Bus with Solar Panels attached to it. And when it is a Closed Roof Bus, the Solar panel will work as a Source of Fuel. Suppose someday the Restaurant is Closed, this will generate additional Energy.

So this will generate Alternative Energy and save Overall cost too...

" Other Details can be found Below. "

Also to see the Mechanism of how the Solar Panels work and Convert the Bus from Closed to Open and Vice versa, Do check out the Video. ANOTHER Video will show the Overall design.

This Design has been Designed using AutoCad.... For Global Community Games 2020..... Basically its a Double Decker Bus that is Converted into a Moving Restaurant.... It's a Night Restaurant Basically with open Roof to Enjoy the SKY...... But, it can also be converted into a Closed Bus (As Per Customer Requirement)....... It will keep moving inside the city to give yo a great feel..... When its moving it has some specific spots (Stops) decided where you can come for TAKE AWAYS.... It has 6 tyres, One Emergency Exit Window... 4 mini Fridges for serving cold drinks, 14 Tables with a Capacity of 50-60 People, space to store Dishes, glasses, mates, etc.... 4 kitchen units, 1 Wash Basin unit, 1 table for preparing dishes to serve and to pack take away meals, 1 Fridge, Chimneys to release the smoke etc outside, etc....... It also has a Extended portion behind the Bus which is Basically a Lift that will basically transport the Meals from Lower deck to Upper deck without any manpower and is Electrically operated........ This way, Waiters do not have to keep moving up and down for the meals, etc...... It is quite spacious and is equipped with all the required stuff for a Restaurant.... It has been Designed in Autocad and Rendered in Fusion 360......

What has been Changed or added in the Ddesign....

I have added a Roof to the Bus. And attached 6 Solar panels to the Roof.

The Roof has been divided into two parts symmetrically.... and 4 Solar Panels on each side...

Previously, the Bus was only an Open Bus, But now its both open and Closed a Bus....


Also, this is an Electric Bus. And in the Morning this will be a Closed Bus (Upper Decker)...

And in the Night this will be a Open Bus (Upper Decker) to enjoy the Scenery.

And a Screencast to showcase the Mechanism is shown in the Reply Below.....


Added 3 Different Colored Dustbins ( Green, Red, and Blue) for each Recyclable Material, Non-Degradable Material, and Degradable Material.


Dish Washer.


Wash Basin.


Road, Divider, FootPath, etc


Bus Stand Dedicated for the Bus Restaurant Specially......


" More Details can be found here... (Autodesk Knowledge Network- Autodesk Forum's). "

" Also a Project too has been Created on AUTODESK ONLINE GALLERY. "


" VIDEO CAN BE FOUND HERE- (Made using Autodesk's Screencast Software). "

Link- ; and .

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