Andy Maldonado
by AndyMaldonado on 18 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi Everyone, I'm super excited to share my recent work on "RAVAGER" This was a a really fun project to work on as I absolutely love Kaiju monsters. This project was a exploration of 3d modeling using Graphic Design Elements and Photo Composition techniques. Enjoy!

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As a big tokusatsu fan, I've always loved Kaiju's and Monstrous Creatures from old films. This project is the accumulation of alot of my inspirations wrapped together with my knowledge of 3D modeling, character development, and graphic design. If I were to tell my younger self that one day I'd create a giant Kaiju monster I would be screaming in joy. Happy to say my development as a Artist has brought me to the point in which I can work on projects that I love and to help inspire others.

I took alot of inspiration from Creature films, Monster Hunter, Doom, and Pacific Rim as seen in my references. Some of the latter images I composited are of my creature overlooking my hometown of Holyoke, MA. As well as the Movie poster and VHS cover are callouts to older Godzilla Films, Shin Godzilla, Jurassic Park and Thriller horror type films.

I would just like to say thanks for checking out my work.

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Movie Poster Design of Composited 3d Model

RAVAGER VHS COVER Inspired off of old Godzilla Films & throwback to Jurassic Park in terms of design, the 1954 sticker is a callback to the year Godzilla was created. Kanji to left reads as "Kaiju" the right reads as "Destruction"

RAVAGER Turnaround rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 4

3D Set Of Poses > Screenshots captured in Marmoset ToolBag 4

Preliminary Sketches

Initial Creature Concept with Value study and Muscle/Bone Breakdown also Bernie Sanders for scale :)

Photo Composite edits of RAVAGER overlooking my hometown of Holyoke, MA

Creature References, Target Aesthetic & Inspiration for Kaiju Project

Thanks for overlooking my project for any Game Development / Film or business inquiries please reach out via email: art.of.andy.maldonado.gmail.com


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