Peranakan Experience

Peranakan Experience

Justin Khaw
by juice on 18 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

For my 3D Multimedia subject, I was required to model something out in 3D and make it into AR. Inspired by the Peranakan people, I made a room containing artefacts that are unique to them.

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This project plays a small part in preserving the culture of the Peranakan people. It maps out some of the interiors of a Peranakan Home and allows people to learn a bit of their life through the artefacts it holds.

The Peranakans, or also known as Babas or Nyonyas have a very unique lifestyle and customs. They have a very rich culture and though we do not see many of them practicing their traditional ways any more, they still have left behind a strong cultural legacy.

The projects includes Peranakan tile designs which are engraved into circular tokens that can be easily carried around easy, good to be used as gifts and souvenirs. It encourages people to take a piece of the Peranakan culture home with them, keeping the culture alive.

The token can be scanned and 3D Models of the room and artefacts will appear with short descriptions about the items. This encourages people to learn more of the Peranakan culture while entertained by the 3D models that appear before their eyes.

With this project, we hope the Peranakan culture lives on and can be appreciated by people all around the world. Thank you for watching.

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