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Satsuma Samurai

Satsuma Samurai

by PeterHolton on 16 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Biped Project made in 4 weeks at The Animation Workshop during my 1st year enrolled in the CGA Bachelor. My current personal goal is to improve my understanding of pipeline and workflows in various industries, as to make an informed decision of where I'm heading.

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Im currently enrolled as a 1st year at The Animation Workshop. This piece was made over 4 weeks. Our directives were to make a bipedal character, and render it in Arnold with a basic clay shader. This was my first time doing a proper character production, it was an extremely rewarding course.

A large credit to our instructors/teachers:

Kenny Anderson carrying concepting, and Pat Imrie untangling the 3d workflow in ZBrush and Maya.

Doing concepting, I gathered and familiarized myself, with the clothing and armor I was going to replicate. Gathering inspiration from other artists (David Benzal and John Powell) and deciding on a reference for the facial sculpt (Hiroyuki Sanada).

1. Initially I blocked out a bipedal basemesh, it was a brief directive that this had to be done in Maya. With the basemesh completed I had the right scale and proportions to continue my work in ZBrush.

I defined and implied the larger muscle groups, and made sure they were placed correctly to the best of my ability. With my design being fairly realistic, I tried to stay as true to normal proportions as possible, albeit a bit ripped.

2. Remeshing this high poly dynamesh, and taking a more manageable "midtier" model into Maya, I started retopologizing. Adding loopcuts in the right places to accommodate potential deformation. During this stage I also modelled and unwrapped most of the additional assets I needed.

3. After this stage I exported everything back into ZBrush, and projected the details from the highpoly dynamesh sculpt unto the new and cleanly retopologized model, that now had subdivision levels. After cleaning the projections, I added some of the more symmetrical details to the sculpt before proceeding to posing.

After posing, I placed the hardsurface objects, added ropes, sculpted final detail and added the micro details with the noisemaker. Having the time I would like to explore nanomesh for chainmail, and redo the UVs for some of the posed cloth to get a better result with the noisemaker.

Exporting the lowpoly posed mesh back into Maya for rendering, and applying the maps created from the highpoly sculpt back in ZBrush, I rendered the turntable. I used FlippedNormals lighting scenes package, to explore different light setups in Arnold, I had to get familiar with legacy render layers, but it was very handy nonetheless.

Thank you for taking a peek at my project :)

- Peter Holton

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