Stylized 3D Models

Stylized 3D Models

Guillermo Lozano Tejada
by guillelt on 15 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I've just finished these 2 models and would like to see how good my current skills are compared to people with my same experience.

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Hello there, I'm Guille, a 25 years old 3D artist from Madrid, Spain. I would like to compare my latest artworks with the rest and see where my skill level currently is.

First my stylized creature inspired by Darksiders! These videogames have one of my favorite stylized looks and I had never created a creature on its style so I gave it a try. Concept by Mengo Fedorov

And now I present you Spark! Since Stylized PBR is my thing I decided to create something inspired by Fortnite/Overwatch. A lot of back and forth on this guy but it was totally worth it. Concept by Yao Wang

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