Spider Mech

Spider Mech

Jack Shergold
by jackshergold on 14 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A Spider Mech inspired by movies and games like Ghost In The Shell, Metal Gear and Titanfall. I hope you enjoy this entry into The Rookie Awards 2021.

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This mech was broken down into four sections for texturing, the main body, the back of the mech, the legs and finally the weapons. Below is a breakdown of the mechs textures.

Below is the modelling stage of creating this mech showcasing the high and low poly versions along with this mech being rigged for poses. The Low poly was made in 3DS MAX and the high poly was the low poly taken into Zbrush to add details such as the cameras and the "eyes" and other details.

Here is the spider mech being manipulated in 3DS MAX to be used in different poses.

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