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Iva Tsvetkova- an Art journey

Iva Tsvetkova- an Art journey

Iva Tsvetkova
by ivatsvetkova on 14 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to an art journey trough out the artworks and projects I am most proud of. A lot of them took weeks of research and concept sketches before the final result was achieved.

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The Treasure Guardian

I am beginning this year's Rookie awards entry with one of the biggest projects I have made- The Treasure Guardian. It consists of three major elements- a creature representing the guardian, a prop for the treasure and an environment where it all happens. My job was to create all of that in a perticular style and I chose the style of the show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. First I observed and documented everything in an art bible and then proceded with the design sketches.

The little creature guards the Heart of the Forest- bright crystals that can be found inside the barks of some special trees. Many greedy individuals want the crystals purely for profit and by taking them they destroy the magical forest, but little do they know that there is someone who protects it. 

The story is made by me and has nothing to do with the show.

The Panda Mount

For this project my job was to create a creature mount for a character by another artist (by Alexis Rives). I again first started by analyzing his style and then designing my creature. I decided to go with a panda since it suits so well with Alexis' character Rose.

Everything a Witch needs

My next project was to design 5 props belonging to a specific character and I chose mine to be a property of a wicked witch that allures and poisons her prey.

Faurin Doramel

Faurin Doramel was initially created as a DnD character, but then she became an OC that I was constantly sketching. After a while I took my concepts to Zbrush and sculped her. Here are some of my favourite artworks I've done in the past year of my Phoenix sorcerer.

Personal works

The last segment of my entry is dedicated to various personal artworks and smaller projects. Mostly I do stylized paintings, but from time to time I enjoy challenging myself with going in a realistic art style. 

Thank you so much for taking your time and coming all the way to the end of my entry. I hope you like what you saw and perhaps you can give it a high five and share it with friends and family, it will be highly appreciated.

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