Alone A wolf's winter

Alone A wolf's winter

by ClaraMalleviale on 12 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Alone A wolf's winter is our graduation short film made during our last year at ESMA Toulouse. It was directed by Rebecca Belle, Gaël Bourdeu, Victor Dumur, Damien Grellety, Carla Humbert, Bérénice Lefevre, Clara Malleviale and Marine Vilcot. Music by Jonathan Raynal-Desset. Mixing by "Le studio des aviateurs".

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In the snow-capped mountains of Alaska, a young wolf is unfairly banished from his pack. During his exile, he is confronted with the harshness of loneliness. At the end, he will have to face danger to save his pack.

We had to face several challenges during the making of this film. First of all, we had to give our characters a certaint stylization and find the right balance in making each of them unique and recognizable while keeping a natural and wild side.

We needed to create a large number of characters, but also sets in which the actions would take place. The landscapes had to remain credible and realistic, while allowing the actions to be played out in the different stages of the story, without feeling at odds with the stylization of the characters.

Finally, we had to make the story understandable, and convey the emotions without any dialogue. Therefore, we had to tell the story through precise animation, actions and careful framing, as well as atmospheres and lights that would evolve throughout the film, following the emotions of the young wolf.

Here is a breakdown of the film to show the different stages of creation:

Movie :

The pack :

The pack demo reels :

Rebecca Belle (Animation, Animatique) :

Gaël Bourdeu (Modeling, Texturing, Look Dev, Lighting, Compositing) :

Victor Dumur (Set dressing, Look Dev, Lighting, Compositing, FX) :

Damien Grellety (Modeling, Sculpting, Look Dev, Lighting, Compositing, Pipeline) :

Carla Humbert (Animation, Chara Design) :

Bérénice Lefevre (Animation, Storyboard, Concept) :

Clara Malleviale (Grooming, Lighting, Surfacing, Compositing) : Grooming :  Lighting :

Marine Vilcot (Rigging, FX, Scripting) :

Facebook :

Instagram :

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