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『AFFLICTION』second year film (2019)

『AFFLICTION』second year film (2019)

Lyn J Wang
by mythkeeper on 14 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My second year film (solo project with a guest animator Jacob Reidy), "Affliction" released August 2019.

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second year film (2019)

Created, composed and animated by Lyn Wang. Guest creature animator - Jacob Reidy (@0:53)

"Affliction" 2D animated short follows Jaymire as they attempt to navigate the landscape by themself.

"Affliction is a story about someone who is alone and ill-equipped, lost in an unfamiliar landscape and looking for a way “home”. Nearing their destination, Jaymire realises they cannot complete this journey alone, but they found their family along the way."

This is my second-year film/solo project that functions as a trailer to Act 1: Affliction of my (personal) comic, Black Science

Affliction (rescore) by Kyungdae Min (P07A)


Concept art and colour keys

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