Eroth Land
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Eroth Land

Two travelers are trapped in mystic and undiscovered planet. First thing that they noticed is that once there was civilisation. But no longer. What else they'll find out about that place?

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Update - 1 May 2021

Another week, another update! I accidentally dropped my clouds and atmosphere settings, so i had to redo them, I spent a lot of time, but now i'm happy with the overal mood. Added some landing site and played with some king of old headstones. Fixed landscape rock material, added procedural foliage. Also played with tower design, might have to tweak it, to get a bit complicated silhouette. Also changed camera settings to get more cinematic like output.

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Update - 23 Apr 2021

So, I tweaked overal atmosphere, sky sphere, clouds, etc. Played with some planets placement and materials. 

P.S. Planet mesh is currently a bit low-poly, i'll fix that later

Update - 22 Apr 2021

Updated grass and sculpted landscape for composition purposes.

Update - 16 Apr 2021

Played with landscape materials

Added volumetric clouds and quick grass

Currently blocking some compisition. Working on idea with huge swords thrown by some giant humanoid creature

Update - 8 Apr 2021

Created landscape in World Machine. Quickly blocked main focal point. Currently working on some lore stuff.

Testing some placement around map.

First quick blockout of main focal point.