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In the court of the Crimson Kings
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In the court of the Crimson Kings

Here's my first entry for the Rookies contest

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Update - 6 Apr 2021

Hello everyone, glad to be part of the contest, my first Rookies entry!

For my first entry I want to make a vast forest inspired by those in the pacific northwest, but with an outer-worldly twist. Tall trees that reach the skies due to a lack of gravity, strange flora and the vestige of a spaceship dominates the scenery.

Below you can see my moodboard and references

First row are my artistic inspirations. From left to right; Steven Missing, Jakub Vykoukal, Chyi Ming Lee and Alexander Forssberg

I have a few concept made by me and my girlfriend (also made some of the plants in the vegetation part of the moodboard)

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