Antoine Legros - LIGHTING TD

Antoine Legros - LIGHTING TD

Antoine Legros
by antoinelegros on 6 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This is my entry to the Rookies Award 2021.

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Hi ! 

I'm Antoine Legros, I graduated from ArtFX with a Master in Digital Directing.

I decided to work as a Lighting TD, I like this job because every  shot I work on is a tribute to my favorite painters and cinematographers.

This is my lighting demoreel, where I put my favorite shots from our graduating movie, The Depths. It also features personal projects.

Here are some breakdowns and stills from The Depths.

Lighting: Victor Martinez & Antoine Legros

FX: Zakaria Bouamama

Animation: Stanislas Vincent

Compositing: Jordan Laiking & Dorian Robert

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