by nelsonmak on 5 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A - PAO is a combination of traditional angpao and interactive media. to bring extra joy and surprises to everyone and to spread out the history of angpao.

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A - PAO is a project of combination about traditional angpao and interactive media.

A - PAO makes the user get more surprises from receiving angpao and they get to learn the history behind the angpao.

Presentation Board

Before starting this project, here is the presentation board to look at the overall information about this A - PAO project and what kind of media do I have in this project.

1) Angpao Design

When the user received the angpao, they will get a serial code behind the angpao, and then can scan the QR code to the website to use the serial code.
The serial code is the access the Quiz game on the website.

2) Motion Graphics Story Video

This is a 2min motion graphics story video about the history of angpao. 

This video is also embedded on the A - PAO website.

3) Quiz Game

It is a quiz game that is playable after key in the serial code from the angpao.

You will get to learn the history and information about angpao while playing it. You can play the game by clicking the link here.

4) Showreel  & website flow

This showreel video is showing the whole flow of how does this project does and also displays the website and media I have for this A - PAO project.

To check out A - PAO website, click here.

Special Thanks to Leong Wai Khong for advising on this project!

To see more about my projects, here is the Behance link of mine. 

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