Eldritch Fisherman.

Eldritch Fisherman.

Matthew Riley
by matt21469 on 4 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I was reading The Shadow over Innsmouth and was inspired to create a humanoid you could picture living in the village. Still doing his daily job while being what he catches. I'm from New England so this piece has my hometown in mind. Rendered in real time and about 31k tris. Three 4 K texture sets

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Eldritch Fisherman. This is the mix between the local aquatic life and the villagers that reside by the water. A part of what he catches for a living has become him. I wanted him to have a little humanity left.

The mesh was about 31k tris with three 4K texture sets. All done in Substance Painter. His clothes were modeled in Blender and detailed in Zbrush. Face and arms all Zbrush. Wanted to create as much detail as possible while staying as low as possible. Definitely a balancing act.  

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