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Rebelway FX Challenge
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Rebelway FX Challenge

Norrin Wexner
by Norrin on 4 Apr 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Extremely late to this. Starting to work on this only 10 days away from the submission date.

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Update - 4 Apr 2021

Extremely late to this.

Just found out about this TODAY, 10 days away from the submission date.

I really hope I can put out something worth reviewing in the little time I have.

Since I JUST got into this, I will try and post updates after I completely finish what I'm working on.

Here's a quick test render.

Environment and Look.

Since I have very limited time, I decided to go with a simple contrast scenario, one element vs another.

In this case, Fire VS Ice.

The first thing that came through my mind was World Of Warcraft(as an avid player). 

The environment look is entirely based on World Of Warcraft - Shadowlands Cinematic.

The Hydralisk's shaders have also been readjusted to mimic Bolvar's Frost spec. 

Snow Setup

This was a very easy setup:
Use an attributenoise to select the areas I want snow on.
Delete the areas I don't need using the noise CD. 
Transform it and make it smaller.
Extrude the area to create snow height.
Make it into a volume.
Scatter points inside the volume and then use a particlefluidsurface node to create the smooth snow surface.

Its the only way I know how to make snow while still taking almost no space at all on the memory. 

It is obviously not perfect and some areas were raised up too high and glitching out. I played with the parameters in the fluidsurface node and managed to get it decently right. I also have backup ray nodes to adjust it to the surface, just in case things get messy during render time.

Testing the defensive ability using a pop sim with volume advection.

More testing, this will be completely reworked due to me not liking how jittery and fast it is.
I'm aiming for a smoother flow of energy.

Tried to wrap it up today but I am still rendering the final submission. I don't think I'll make it in time.

I wish I had found out about this earlier, as a busy student, 10 days is definitely not enough time to prep all this!

Oh well. It was fun speeding through the ideas tho.

I will still comp and upload it online once everything is done rendering.

Bonus content - The only submission I can make, improvements in my shield. 

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