Aquifer: Station 7A - site 021
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Aquifer: Station 7A - site 021

An aquifer and water treatment plant on an alien planet, with some very moderate terrain and weather conditions.

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Update - 6 Apr 2021

ANOTHER ANGLE! Some more in-depth venture into the composition. Adding some clouds and messing with value, and really trying to nail the focus of my shots here and now. 

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Update - 4 Apr 2021

🔲 Block Out : Gray Box Stage 

Getting my Large shapes in, making sure I have a composition that I'm happy with so I can wrap my head around all the pieces that need to be made. 

Before Block out was some concept reference, a painting I created and want to bring to life. Some sort of aquifer/water treatment for an alien planet. ( Going for some wild colors 😉)