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by Katerinaran on 3 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

The transforming chair is furniture made completely by recycled materials which can be transformed and form various types of seating. By rotating and changing the position of each element the product can form sunbed, armchair, pouf or chair with a table.

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Transforming chair is furniture completely made by recycled materials - polycarbonate sheet and polyurethane foam. Transforming chair consists of two main: L-shaped profile hollow volume and solid rectangular profile volume; and additional part: cylindrical pillow. The components can be transformed and form different types of seating.

Process of recycling:

Polycarbonate sheet is recycled from Electronic components, CDs and DVDs, head lamp lenses etc. The raw material goes through co-extrusion process and the end result is polycarbonate panels.

Polyurethane foam is recycled by regrinding – polyurethane is trimmed and grind to produce a fine powder. The resultant powder is mixed with virgin materials to create new polyurethane foam. The new material is molded and strongly connected with the polycarbonate profiles and panel.


The transforming chair consist of 2 main parts and 1 additional as mentioned above. There are secondary parts which connect the main ones – braces with rubber nozzles.

The calculations made by engineering software shows the peak of the most loaded point in every plain of the volumes. Therefore the polycarbonate sheet is designed to be strongest in that point.

The transforming chair is perfect for exterior conditions as well as for interior. Preventing from yellowing, the foam consists of ultraviolet absorbers and the light weight of the foam/closed cell polyurethane foam/ and sheets allow the chair to be used in water.

The polycarbonate sheets are formulated with evenly dispersed illuminating particles to provide bright, even illumination in dark.
It’s perfectly integrate in residential, public or office buildings.
The transforming chair is perfect for modular use. It could form groups of seating and provide different activities like working, eating, playing games, sunbathing or just relaxing.
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