Medieval Brewery

Medieval Brewery

Stefanie Arndorfer
by StefanieArndorfer on 3 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A small real-time stylized diorama rendered in Unreal Engine 4 based on a concept by Mark Henriksen. The main goal was to keep the level of detail as high as possible and to improve my lighting and texturing skills.

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I wanted to build a stylized environment in Unreal while keeping the scope small in order to achieve a high level of detail and to improve my texturing and lighting skills.

The diorama is based on the wonderful concept by Mark Henriksen:

Everything was modelled in Maya and a lot of the props were sculpted in ZBrush. 
Then, I put everything into Unreal and added foliage, particle effects and little animations to make the environment come to life.

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