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World of Real-time Discoveries

This is my entry for World of Real-time Discoveries contest.

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Update - 9 Apr 2021


I've modelled a spaceship pod which I am going to have as a subject of one of my images in order to add story to the images. This was based off of the concept art for Star Wars Battlefield 2.

I modelled and textured it in Blender, it is currently not super detailed as I am not sure on how much detail is currently needed for it and can add more detail at a later stage if needed.

I've tried to give it a battered, beaten up look as it would have crashed on this unknown world. 

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Update - 9 Apr 2021


In order to start building my world I wanted to gather a library of plants and vegetation to use throughout my scenes to give a sense coherence. 

Whilst doing this I was drawn to the ferns and taro plants. I thought these types of plants would be good to play with their scale to give a wondrous and different worldly feel.

Above are some reference images for the style of vegetation my world will have. I may also play with the colour of the plants and make them blue or purple.

Update - 3 Apr 2021


Hi, for my entry I am planning on using Unreal Engine. My workflow will consist of creating height maps in World Machine and importing these into Unreal. I plan on using mostly Quixel Megascan assets as Quixel Bridge can export directly into Unreal streamlining my workflow.

I also want to try my own photogrammetry and create my own assets using Meshroom. 

The above references are the style of environment I am going for. Hilly/Mountainous terrain with grassland and large feature rocks.