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'Ancient Egyptian Tomb' - Diorama

'Ancient Egyptian Tomb' - Diorama

by BethKelly on 28 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

'Ancient Egyptian Tomb' Diorama. A realistic high-poly portfolio piece depicting the corner of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb. Small 3D environment created as part of my MA Games Design studies, as part of an 'Exploring 3D Styles' project.

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Project Final Outcomes

Final Images

Burial Artefacts

Ankh Amulet - Showcase

Scarab Cuff Bracelet - Showcase

Eye of Horus (Wedjat Eye) Pendant - Showcase

Djed Pillar Amulet - Showcase

Decorative Table - Showcase

Painted Tomb Wall - Showcase

Project Development

Basic Blockout - UE4

Main Props - Wireframes

Vases & Jugs - Textures

Decorative Table & Tablecloth - Textures

Floor - Textures

Burial Artefact Props - Lighting Only

Burial Artefact Props - Textures

Painted Tomb Wall - Textures

Basic Blockout vs Final Placement - UE4

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