Hamish Kentwell - Concept Art

Hamish Kentwell - Concept Art

Hamish Kentwell
by hambone on 28 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi, I'm currently in my 4th year at Flinders University/CDW Studios. My goal is to work as an environment and keyframe concept artist for games and film. I hope you enjoy my work!

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Crabbing: fen-side ~

Mood-shot for a current (and very informal)  group project (we are each creating our own concepts based in a roughly similar world).  

Codex: Lords of Xibalba ~

Environment design for games: project 01

La Grieta: Dig Site ~

I created this piece before the "Codex: Lords of Xibalba" concepts. It served as the initial inspiration for the game design project.

Galatea: Siphon Arena ~

Environment design for games: project 02

Ferrum: Factory Entrance ~

An older project set in a crumbling seaside industrial precinct.

Concept Paintings ~

Various stand-alone images with a focus on painting & story-telling.

Character Design & Illustrations ~

Book cover illustrations for a friend (self-published) ~

Thanks for checking out my work!

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