Zoo Negara Digital Experience

Zoo Negara Digital Experience

by Chunweix97 on 31 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Due to Covid-19 Lockdown, I decided to use Zoo Negara as my subject for Final Year Project in college. For this project, I plan to bring Zoo Negara into public by designing a mobile application for user to interact with. Through this Zoophoria apps, user will be able to utilize the app for multiple purpose.

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Zoo Negara Digital Experience

Bring the Zoo to people through digital platform!

During Covid-19 lockdown, Zoo Negara, also known as National Zoo in Malaysia which is my country having funding problems due to pandemic and downfall in visitors number over years.

Thus, my idea and concept for this project is to allow user to interact with Zoo Negara through digital platform. There are multiple function and purpose in this application that provide user different digital experience.

Zoophoria, mobile application for Zoo Negara

By using Zoophoria, you can book entry tickets or event and check for sechedule easily. When user get to visit Zoo Negara, user can navigate using AR map provided in mobile application. Other than that, kid also get to interact with VR Zoo and learn about animals in Zoo Negara using Zoophoria.

3D Design Interactive Elements 

Using Cinema 4D, I sculptured and created some 3D environment and animals to make the mobile app more interactive and lively. Those animal are currently existing in Zoo Negara and the map are based on Zoo Negara location.

Zoophoria Concept Showreel

A quick go through showreel for my overall Zoo Negara project. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching ! Feel free to check out more of my works at Behance!

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