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The Cave of Zoe
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The Cave of Zoe

Orus is a fictional planet. It once thrived with life but became inhabitable due to cold, with only few habitable zones left in this planet. An earth-like weather offered conditions suitable for vegetation & caves to be formed naturally. Its holds a mysterious plant in its chamber which sustains all life.

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Update - 31 Mar 2021


The initial idea came from Son Doong cave in Vietnam, what intrigued me was this massive cave had its own ecosystem, vegetation and foliage. The cavern is so large it can house an entire New York city block. The Inspiration for outer landscape of the cave was taken from Iceland. I found the scenic landscape of Iceland to be a good reference for creating a distant planet because it has glacier, waterfalls, lava landscapes and steaming fields.

I began my doing a quick concept art to get a overall feel of the environment and atmosphere. This was a rough concept and I don't plan to do the exact same but I'll be going with the design and composition.

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