Foo Kar-Yann, Nicole
by nicolefky on 30 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hello! I'm Nicole Foo and here are some of my latest works that I have done while studying at The One Academy. Hope you enjoy!

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The Origin

The world is filled with spirit-possessed robots known to peacefully co-exist with humans. However, this did not last long as things took a turn for the worse as chaos began to spread throughout the land caused by a dark force. This force intends to have humans fear the robots again as they once did back in the Ancient Times.

For this project, I worked on a Blacksmith named Kwame. He's a man with an amputated arm as he lost it in a forging accident caused by a robot. In the village, Kwane is known as a hard worker because he spends his days and nights in his workshop made from an abandoned robot.


Revolves around a witch with a wolf spirit from the Medieval Times. She is headed to the center of town in her carriage to find her aunt, led by a magical compass that was hidden in the floorboards of her store. Mustering up all of her courage, she is ready to face the hurdles that lie ahead.

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