The Depths - Short Film

The Depths - Short Film

The depths is a graduation film from the 2020 class of Artfx School

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The Depths - Short Film

Everyday, a diver explores a submerged city. Underwater, he will have to make choices to survive.

The biggest part of the film takes place below the surface. This aspect was our key challenge as underwater worlds of this era are rarely illustrated in cinema. The story takes place after events that overwhelmed the city of Paris, where even the greatest monuments have a different face. You will see the capital like no one has seen before in this exceptional and unexpected underwater exploration.

Modeling / LookDev / Lighting Artists : Antoine Legros & Victor Martinez
3D Animator : Stanislas Vincent
FX Artist : Zakaria Bouamama
Digital Compositors : Jordan Laiking & Dorian Robert

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