Rebranding  : Bedak Sejuk

Rebranding : Bedak Sejuk

Ch'ng Wen Xin Winni
by cwxwinni on 4 Apr 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Bedak Sejuk is one of the Malaysian traditional cosmetic product. Which is also known as cooling powder, it is a traditional beauty product made from fermented rice.

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Bedak Sejuk - "Beauty Beads"

Bedak Sejuk is one of my projects that I've worked on during my final year in college. I got inspired by my childhood memories that I remembered. Bedak Sejuk had passed through a lot of decades. I wanted to rebrand this product to let more people know the existence of this product and let them know the traditional way to do it and use it. I wanna make this product not be forgotten by lots of Malaysian people out there and also can share this tradition to out of the world too. 

Presentation Board

Packaging Model

I create a 3D model mockup of my rebranding design by using C4D. I rebrand the packaging to 4 different fragrances.


I created a website to let other peoples know more about the origin of Bedak Sejuk and some information on how the beads were created, etc.


The poster will be displayed in public to let more people know the existence of Bedak Sejuk and never be forgotten.


When the user saw the poster in public: The QR code can be scan from the poster to go into the website.

When the user gets the packaging: The QR code can be scan at the back of the box. Then, will go into the website.


A quick showreel of my overall project. 

Special thanks to The One Academy Penang and my lecture, Mr. Leong Wai Khong for guiding me on this project.

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