Rookie Awards 2021 entry

Rookie Awards 2021 entry

by Abe on 1 Jun 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

I am an 18 year oId cg enthusiast from india, i started doing 3d about a year ago and here's a few of the works i'm most proud of.

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Iron Man MK IV

Like almost every other teenager i grew up watching superhero movies, and my favourite being Iron Man. I started making the Iron Man suit to try and recreate a shot from the first Avenger movie in cg. The suit is modelled in blender and textured in substance painter.

2020 Shelby Super Snake

I've always been a fan of mustangs that got the special shelby treatment, everything from the design changes to the absolutely bonkers performance boost. So i started working on modelling the 2020 shelby super snake.

i modelled the car in blender using the subd and shrinkwrap method

i was motivated to turn this fun modelling project turned into a photoreal animation project when i saw the amazing gullwing animation and other works of 'Joao Elias' also know as @briktop_. so i started rigging, animating and making a simple environment for the animation.
                    And this was the result.

Noire - Lamborghini Murcielago SV modified

For this car build i decided to go with one of of my favourite super cars ever, the lamborghini murcielago SV. I loved how the car was so simple and clean and yet looked so aggressive and i wanted to keep that and stay true to the original design

The car build was inspired by the evinetta project by Ashthorp and carlos 'colorsponge'

Spinner (Blade Runner 2049)

Im sure everybody would agree that Blade runner 2049 was a visually breathtaking masterpiece of a movie. After watching it i had to make something from it, so i chose K's iconic spinner.

The spinner is modelled in blender and textured in substance painter.

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