Circul de zbor
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Circul de zbor

by peterpd1 on 21 Apr 2019 for Circus Challenge

The Flying Circus - Inspired by Studio Ghibili - Castle in the Sky. The abandoned sky island circus (for mythical creatures)

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Update - 29 Apr 2019

Another render

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Update - 28 Apr 2019

A quick video of some renders/animations/process

Update - 28 Apr 2019

Here are some final renders (May add more depending on time)

Update - 28 Apr 2019

There's not much to say apart from testing out different lighting, camera angles and textures. Here's a few images of the different tests:

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Update - 28 Apr 2019

Day ??? (Lost count) - As the island has been abandoned I wanted to add some vines. I couldn't add too much as it caused Maya to slow down due to the amount of polygons. The first place I added it to was the entrance/pillar. 

Added in more detail to the entrance side.

I decided to destroy parts of the bridge and add more texture to different assets

Instead of creating designs through textures, I included different design/text for the Obelisk

More details such as vines, grass/foliage 

Started creating more textures, while testing out different simulations such as ripped cloth 

Update - 28 Apr 2019

I'm not really a texture artist, but I tried my best with creating my own textures. Some textures I used were combined from different sources and edited in Photoshop. Here are a few images I took: (2mb limit so I cannot send every image)

Once I had a couple images I then went into Photoshop to edit them and create some bump maps

The low poly rocks I made were redone

Concrete (Primary research) = Rusted Metal (Photoshop edit)

My next step was to add more detail to the environment, such as overgrown trees that created structures to break. (Apologies for low quality image)

I continued to model assets to fill up the scene

I continued to add more detail to the island by putting rocks around it. I also experimented with creating clouds to see if it would develop the piece a bit more.

Update - 28 Apr 2019

Day 9/10 - I focused on the entrance a bit more and added in more detail (Change of idea)

Started creating small assets that would fit the environment

For designs, I used fonts and reconstructed them.

This was then later added onto the entrance

More detail to the 2nd entrance of the main attraction

The next step was to make cracks and fallen objects. I started off with the pillar which was all done manually

Update - 26 Apr 2019

Day ?? 7/8 - There needed to be some sort of path leading towards the island, which was my next focus/experiment

I wasn't 100% certain about how I wanted the pathing so I focused on the trees and grass.

The idea of a simple pathing came to mind instead of going all out trying to create poly heavy designs.

Update - 26 Apr 2019

Day 7/8 - I then focused on the terrain and island a little bit more and included a drop off dock for some sort of airship

Low poly rocks were made and more chains to hold down smaller floating islands for different attraction.

Chains and cages were modelled for the different animals (Mythical creatures)

As the island is abandoned, some creatures have escaped which is why I decided to create a broken cage

Update - 24 Apr 2019

Day 5/6 (I don't know the exact days ^^) - Once the block out of the main attraction was created I wanted to focus on creating an entrance with pillars

Due to the portion of the main attraction, I had to make the island bigger. This allowed me to add a little bit more detail.

Flags/banners were then created with a cloth simulation. + More detail added to the entrance

Update - 21 Apr 2019

Day 4/5  - I wanted to focus on the main attraction of the circus. So I started to include a seating area

I then focused on adding in pillars and making small detail

Once the pillars was made I continued adding to the scene (Further blocking)

Update - 19 Apr 2019

Day 2/3 - A Top down view/map was created to enhance my imagination of what it was I wanted to create.

I then started modelling the basic structure of the Island and started blocking

The built in human biped was used to make sure I had the right scale and size for all the objects and buildings in the scene. This helped me start the building process of my bridge

I wanted the island to be held down by chains so the next step was attaching chains to the island. 

I also included a little bit more shapes on the scene to develop my idea and generate a bit of a story.

I hit a wall and decided the best case scenario was to screenshot what I've created and  try to develop my idea by sketching over the model

Update - 17 Apr 2019

Day 1  - Research: I gathered a couple of images to generate an idea of what type of Circus Environment I was going to create

The 5W's helped me push my idea further and narrow it down to what I was creating. Circul de Zbor means Flying Circus in Rome.